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Paige's Promise is dedicated to creating awareness, recovery,
and education of Substance Use Disorder.

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Promoting awareness of substance use disorder.

Helping afflicted receive treatment.

Focusing on the opioid epidemic in America. 

Mentoring our youth to prevent substance use disorder.

Making a meaningful impact on our communities.

Reducing the social stigma around substance use disorder.

Ending substance use disorder.

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Love You More
Wrist Rock Bracelets

Every wrist rock bracelet made by renowned jewelry designer has a story behind it!
Elyse has put her heart and soul into designing jewelry for causes close to her heart. I was best friends with Elyse’s mom until she passed from a rare cancer and since then she designed a bracelet for Stand Up To Cancer and has helped earn money for cancer research. Along time ago she designed jewelry for Alex’s Lemon Aid Stand for childhood cancer.
Over the years she made Alex’s Lemon Aid Stand a million dollars. It was beautiful jewelry for a little girl that lost her battle with cancer. These are just a few of Elyse’s causes, and there are numerous more!
We lost our daughter Paige, and she is forever 22, from a Fentanyl laced Heroin Overdose ignited by a routine root canal where she was prescribed opioid based pain meds, and after five years of substance use, she was gone!
The story behind the Love You More Wrist Rock Bracelet is that Paige and I would always argue who loved who more! Naturally my love for Paige and my other children surpasses any love even a child can imagine until they become a mother.
The amethyst beads are for overdose awareness day which is August 31st every year! Paige is forever twenty-two so there are two amethyst beads on each side of the heart. Every wrist rock is custom made to your loved ones forever age and tells your loved ones story. The Heart in the center is Love you More and you are always in my heart!
Please help Paige’s Promise make a difference, pay it forward, Do Something and Be The Change for the 300 loved ones lost everyday to Substance Use Disorder!

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